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Years 4 & 5 Poetry Workshop

Years 4 and 5 were extremely lucky to have a special visit and workshop from an award-winning performance poet and playwright, Joseph Coelho on Monday 16th November 2015.

Joseph Coelho, who scooped the 2015 CLPE children’s poetry award for his first solo poetry collection Werewolf Club Rules!,  instantly kindled wonderment and enthusiasm by citing his poem ‘If all the world were paper’ off by heart. He then used this as a stimulus to encourage pupils to write their own ‘If all the world were…’ poem using his poetic techniques, further enhanced by his ‘Moreraps’ poem. The children thoroughly enjoyed Joseph Coelho’s  highly motivational workshop and produced wonderful and creative poems of their own.


Miss Avanesjan
(4A)Joseph 3 16.11.15

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