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Year 3 French Art Workshop

Year 3 had a real treat for their French lesson this week. French author and illustrator Delphine Perret came to do a session with the children. This workshop was organised as part of the South Ken Kids’ Festival. Delphine started by showing the children some of her books and explaining the stories and the drawings. She then demonstrated effective techniques for using watercolours. Children then created their own paintings of either animals or circus characters. While the paintings dried they reflected on exciting names to give to their creations. Delphine kindly created an introductory drawing to link all the zoo animals and circus characters together so each class had a complete book of illustrations. We will enjoy looking through these next week in French lessons.The children thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and learned a great deal about the art of illustration.

To find out more about Delphine’s work go to:

Miss Adamson

020 7225 1277