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For more details on how we are beginning our safe, orderly and effective transition back to school from 1 June, please read our Back to School Guide.

Extra Curricular

Extra-curricular activities broaden our children’s horizons and provide them with new opportunities to succeed and shine

Extra Curricular

Extra-curricular activities broaden our children’s horizons and provide them with new opportunities to succeed and shine

Download our Clubs and Enrichment Programme Guide


We have recently created a guide to the clubs and enrichment programme for St Nicholas showcasing what is on offer for our pupils. Please download a copy and if you like what you see, make an enquiry.

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Extra Curricular Activities


These play a large part in school life, with a wide variety of activities available. The clubs programme widens as the children get older and can cope with a longer school day. There is an extra charge for some clubs. Breakfast club is available from 8.00-8.30am for children in Years 1-6 only. A list of clubs is available on request at the office. See below for details of some of the clubs on offer at St Nicholas.

Creative Writing After-School Clubs at St Nicholas Preparatory School

Please speak to the staff at reception to find out more and secure a place.


Master Your Creative Writing (Year 3-6)

A course unique to Chelsea Young Writers, Master Your Creative Writing comprises a series of workshops designed by our in-house children’s authors. Over the duration of a school term, children will be introduced to a literary topic from a variety of interesting and exciting angles. Each session will see our young learners apprehend the theme in question in new and challenging ways, in a bid to create their own unique written responses. Priority is given to encouraging original thought, the construction of a useful plan, the creative and accurate use of language, and developing concentration through timed creative writing. After attending workshops, we expect children to be outfitted with a well-rounded appreciation of the literary theme at hand – knowledge that will surely continue to pay dividends into the future. We also aspire to have our young writers develop a comprehensive set of writing skills which can be adapted to any time-sensitive written assignment. We do not cover SPaG (spelling, punctuation and grammar) on this course, as our main emphasis is on the creative part of writing. Our workshops strongly encourage creative thinking, avoiding limits such as the ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to use the imagination. As a result, there is no direct marking system – but we do review your child’s work during each session, providing verbal feedback and further guidance on developing ideas/ storyline structures/ descriptive devices. Your child will also receive a short, written feedback upon their completion of the course. This course will benefit keen or reluctant readers and writers who will then apply their gained skills in writing for pleasure and challenging creative writing tasks in exam papers.


Learning Objectives

1. To confidently generate original ideas for story writing
2. To sharpen overall critical thinking and reading skills
3. To develop a mature style of writing narrative by mastering the structural elements of short prose fiction
4. To plan out a coherent plot under timed conditions
5. To learn how to write complex characters, use dialogue effectively and create believable settings
6. To develop a competent self-editing process, checking for clarity, fluency, vividness and accuracy of
vocabulary and descriptive detail
7. To discuss your own writing with the course leader and group, as well as learn to critique and edit the
writing of others


Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course you should be able to:
1. Understand different ways original ideas can be generated for a story.
2. Demonstrate an understanding of various critical thinking and reading techniques.
3. Use imagination and sensory details for creating suspense and intrigue – avoiding cliché, sentimentality or
melodrama – and demonstrate increased competence in writing varied sentence structures.
4. Adhere to a story plan in writing, arranging the ideas purposefully and coherently within time-sensitive
5. Understand how to write authentic characters, dialogue and setting, identifying what works and what doesn’t
work as well.
6. Demonstrate an effective method of revision, checking over own work for correct vocabulary, use of
descriptive devices and overall fluency of the narrative.
7. Listen to and apply any constructive criticism received, as well as be able to confidently give critical
feedback to help improve others’ work.
8. Work under timed conditions and be well-prepared and equipped for 11Plus creative writing tasks.


Autumn Term 2018

Autumn term at Chelsea Young Writers will see us weaving technology – from the present day and the future – into our writing. In school curriculums, it is not uncommon to see a disparity between STEM subjects and artistic subjects, in spite of the fact that the best scientific discoveries are born out of raw creativity! This term, we are marrying the two elements to write two remarkable tales with the precision of an engineer, the imagination of a writer, and the inquiring mind of a scientist. Join us to discover your inner Leonardo Da Vinci!


Part 1. Worlds Away: A Journey into Space, Time, and Science-Fiction Writing.

Stranded in a desolate land after a plane crash, you are beginning to wonder how you are going to survive without a another human in site, and with your emergency supplies of food and water running perilously low. It is much to your surprise, then, when a boy from a distant star walks up to you. His stories of travelling between far-off planets and meeting a whole host of unusual characters seems unlikely to you at first – but then, the more you listen, the more you are drawn into his quest. Where did he first come from? How did he end up on Earth? Invent your own fantastical backstory for this mysterious, space-travelling adventurer, and summon up incredible planets, people and technologies from across the solar system to create a Sci-Fi story that’s out of this world!


Part 2. Steam Adventures: Inventors Who Dared to Change the World.

In this technological adventure, we will plunge ourselves into a world in which a series of crises must be averted in order to save lives! Drawing from the greats of science and engineering – from the inventor of the light bulb, Thomas Edison, to the WW2 code-breaker and mathematician Alan Turing, to one of the greatest contributors to our understanding of human kind itself through DNA, Rosalind Franklin – we’ll be inventing perilous scenarios for our characters to invent their way out of! From plagues which need destroying, to bridges that need building, to future transportation devices that haven’t even been created yet, we will write characters and inventions which will change our fictional worlds forever!


My First Story (Year 1-2)

Our ‘My First Story’ course guides children through their early story-writing journey. Intended for children of Years 1 & 2, this engaging course uses a varied range of learning styles in order to build confidence and independence in sentence structure, connectives, plot and descriptive writing. Using storyboard, visual aids and story mountains, this step-by-step course will take your child through the foundation skills required to master the art of writing a compelling story. Working collaboratively and independently, we’ll plan our stories, share our ideas, and support our writing with illustrations. We’ll even get the chance to listen to each other’s work and help each other to improve. Come and join us for our My First Story after school club where producing and writing brilliant individual stories is a team effort!

Chinese Dragons Club

Chinese Dragons Club, launched in 2018, is a carousel of Chinese cultural activities offered to all primary ages. The club runs weekly after-school allowing students to participate in various cultural activities, keep busy with hand-made crafts and receive gifts all the way from China! The relaxed and entertained environment enables children to stay focused and have fun!

A Club for all

There is no language requirement for pupils to join Chinese Dragons Club – an interest in China is all you need! The club is open to all primary ages creating a diverse and interactive group. With no pressure learning a language after school, pupils can fully immerse themselves in a Chinese cultural environment and have fun!


Learn Chinese Culture

The Chinese Dragons Club is focused purely on teaching Chinese culture with the aim for children to learn and understand other cultures. Pupils will discover China’s famous cities and ancient sites. They will celebrate all the Chinese festivals and learn the legends behind them. They will participate in exciting arts and crafts including Chinese calligraphy, paper-cutting and fan-making.

Receive gifts from China
Unique gifts from China are specially chosen and handed out to each pupil per week to award their work and to celebrate festivals at that time.  The significance of the gift is explained and related to the material covered each week. In addition to any hand-made crafts made, the gifts can be taken home to share with families where children can explain the culture behind them.


Young Dragons

A class for the youngest children in the school. Interest in China and Chinese is growing rapidly in UK nurseries; parents know that starting young will give their children an advantage in learning Mandarin, the most widely spoken language in the world. Children are most receptive to picking up the sounds and tones of Mandarin at a young age; in just 30 minutes per week, children can make great progress in understanding and enjoying Chinese language and culture.


Learn Chinese language

Young Dragons gives 3-4 year olds a fun start in learning Chinese language and culture each week through vocabulary games, Chinese character cards and interaction with our popular Dragon mascots!


Explore Modern China

Young Dragons presents your children with the chance to explore all the wondrous and exciting aspects of Chinese culture by bringing China to their classrooms each week with fun and engaging teachers.


Enrich your Curriculum

Our Chinese lessons are tailored to the interests of each group of children. Depending on the interest of the children, the teacher will either stay on the same topic or move on to another topic. Each topic is themed around a different place.

Be Smart, Learn Chess

There are many advantages of playing chess. Other than being a fascinating board game, it teaches children to concentrate, improves memory, develops patience and improves IQ. Whether you’re a Grand Master or a hobby player, chess teaches you to solve problems, make the right decisions, plan ahead, respect the opponent and win/lose gracefully. There is always another match to play!

At Anu’s Chess, with a fantastic team of Grand Masters and Chess lovers, you learn from the best where our top priority is to have fun and be a good sportsperson before you become a master!

Nursery Dance

Using imaginative ideas and by taking advantage of themes and storytelling, we introduce movement and simple technique in a subtle and fun way. This builds confidence, improves social skills, and encourages all children to become engaged learners.

Ballet Classes for Reception and Above

Chelsea Ballet Schools follows the Cecchetti Method and children are prepared and entered for examinations if they wish. Ballet technique is an important part of these classes, but also achieving a sense of performance and above all to enjoy dancing. Live music inspires and motivates young dancers to enable positive learning and achievement.


Modern Dance

These classes are fun, lively and popular using current pop music and current and past West End and Broadway Shows. The children learn exercises, steps and dances where they improve their coordination and to move rhythmically with confidence.

All children who attend dance classes should have the correct clothing and details will be given on enrolment.


For more information about Chelsea Ballet Schools please visit or call them on 020 7351 4117.

School Trips

At St. Nicholas, we believe that school trips, linked to the curriculum,  play an important part in children’s learning.  The V&A, Science and Natural History Museums and Battersea Zoo are just some of the places our pupils visit. Our residential trips in the UK and Europe are always hugely popular. In the summer term Years 5 and 6 attend a five-day outdoor adventure holiday trip to Osmington Bay in Dorset and in the spring term all Key Stage 2 children are invited to attend the annual ski trip to Italy.


Influential Speakers

We also organise visits from a variety of outside speakers to engage and inspire our children.  A schedule of speakers and events can be found in our school calendar.

Teddy, Year 3

Clubs at St. Nicholas are great, I do table tennis, chess and swimming. Chess is good because it teaches you mathematical strategies and co-ordinates. I enjoy swimming and table tennis because I have learnt lots of new skills.

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