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Rock Band Auditions

Plans to form a St. Nicholas Student Rock Band have been hatching in the music department and on Thursday morning auditions were held for group members. Mrs Rogers and Mr Omar judged perfomances on drums, piano, electric guitar and vocals from Year 5 and 6 students specially invited to try out for the band.

Mr Omar (1T’s class assistant and a musician himself!) told us about what the band will be getting up to once its members have been selected: “The Rock Band will be learning about different aspects of what it’s like to be part of a band and performing on stage. Rehearsals will take place once a week, and will start off with learning some classic rock songs, with the aim of performing in front of an audience at the Winter Concert. Further on in the year, the band will be pushed to use their own creativity to come up with original ideas as a band, and mould these ideas into songs.” 

Oscar auditioned on drums and played along to an AC/DC track before stopping the backing music and taking over the drumming confidently on his own. Romeo and Zayn tried out for electric guitar, playing rhythms and chords they have been learning in lessons, and Zack played a lovely piece on the piano. Mia, Cheyenne, Nouf, Emma and Sophia sang individually, with lots of personality to match their choices of contemporary, punchy songs. The auditions were great to watch and everybody did amazingly well after a nervous wait to perform!

Good luck to the auditionees!

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