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Roald Dahl – Dahlicious Dress Up Day

On Friday 25 September, St. Nicholas joined hundreds of schools all over the country in celebrating the birthday of much-loved children’s author Roald Dahl. Every year, a ‘Dahlicious Dress Up Day’ happens close to the author’s birthday and raises money for Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity (, which does important work supporting children and young people in the UK with serious, rare, or undiagnosed conditions.

Students got creative and dressed up as their favourite characters, or wore yellow, Roald Dahl’s favourite colour (he wrote his stories on yellow paper in his writing shed that had a bright yellow door). Prizes for the best home-made costumes were awarded to KS2 students in morning assesmbly, where a pack of furry, face-painted and papier-mâchéd Fantastic Mr Foxes and a Giant Peach stole the show. KS1 winners were announced in afternoon assembly and included a life-sized Golden Ticket, Mathildas, Crocodiles, a monkey and another fantastic fox! The winners got to choose a shiny new Roald Dahl book to take home, given out by Willy Wonka himself…or was it Mr Bruce in disguise?

There was a whole cast of colourful characters roaming around school: spotted in corridors and classrooms were Violet Beauregarde, Mike TV, the BFG, the Trunchbull, a coven of witches and a whole gang of Willy Wonkas. An Oompa Loompa even managed to escape the Chocolate Factory for the day!

A huge thank you to everybody who got involved, and to all parents and guardians who helped make some amazing costumes. We will be taking donations to Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity until the end of Wednesday (30 September), so if you would like to donate, please see Ms Ting in class 1T, or visit the school office.

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