Back To School

For more details on how we are beginning our safe, orderly and effective transition back to school from 1 June, please read our Back to School Guide.

Each day will start at 8.45am with registration with the form teacher.

Short breaks should be taken throughout the day, including a morning break at 10.30am and there will be a school-wide lunchtime break from 12.30-1.30. Where possible and weather permitting these breaks should be taken outside to give the children the opportunity for fresh air and exercise. The school day will end at 3pm for all children, although they will be able to continue their work after this time if they have not finished all their activities.

Lessons will continue to be taught by the specialist staff including French, Mandarin, art, music, science, drama and sport to provide a balance to the school day.

The weekly timetable will be made available to parents through Tapestry, Seesaw and Teams, sent by the form teacher at the end of the preceding week.

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