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Ms Lauren on Parents Evenings: How teachers prepare

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“Most parents will see their children in a very different light than you do as their teacher. They don’t generally see them in an environment where they are one of many other children the same age, where they have to do things and make decisions for themselves, be sociable, consider others, communicate effectively, and solve problems. Informing parents of the child’s ability to cope within the setting and to do things independently, is as important as reporting to them about the child’s academic attainments.”

Lauren Colvin (née Taylor)

Ms Lauren (Head of Early Years), regularly contributes to Montessori International Magazine, a quarterly publication for teachers and parents which focuses on the Montessori approach and philosophy in the classroom. In the latest July-September issue, Ms Lauren gives advice to teachers about how best to prepare for Parents Evenings. The article gives parents a great insight into what teachers do to make the meeting productive and successful. Taking into consideration children’s individual achievements, interests and talents, parents are also advised how to take an active role in the child’s continued development.


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