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Ms Lauren on Children and Maths

Montessori International Autumn 2015

Ask the Expert 

“Children love to take their real life experiences and explore them further through role play, such as pretending to be a shopkeeper or bus driver. When observing children within the classroom it’s amazing to see how much children know and understand about numbers when they are able to relate it to their interests and experiences. Singing songs and playing counting games such as ‘Hide and Seek’ and ‘What’s the Time Mr Wolf’ are other ways to reinforce numbers through repetition, pattern and physical interaction.”
Lauren Colvin (née Taylor)

Ms Lauren (Head of Early Years), regularly contributes to Montessori International Magazine, a quarterly publication for teachers and parents which focuses on the Montessori approach and philosophy in the classroom. In the latest October-December issue, Ms Lauren makes some suggestions for facilitating mathematical learning through practical experiences.


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