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Years 5 & 6

Encouraging pupils to exceed their academic potential in a safe environment as they develop the life skills needed to succeed

Prep School


Preparation for 11+ Exams

To prepare pupils for the 11+ entrance exams in January, we continue to deliver the ISEB programmes in English, Maths and Science because they are more demanding in some areas than the English National Curriculum, and more closely attuned to the 11+ papers and interviews.

We continue to encourage our children to debate world issues and discuss moral dilemmas, to help them to think both logically and creatively about the world and their place within it.


Maths Scheme

Our Maths Scheme from years 1 to 6 focuses on four areas: number, shape, space and measures, and data handling. Pupils use and apply their learning of maths in practice, and understand its importance to the world and the Universe. You might find, for example, our Year 6 class creating a data analysis project about our book fair and sorting the data into Venn and Carroll diagrams.


Learning Science

Our science teaching provides children with opportunities to ask Why? How? or What if? in each lesson. Investigative activities are at the core of classes. We enhance learning with visits to the nearby Science Museum and by engaging with visiting scientists. Children are encouraged to think creatively whilst hypothesising empirically.


Roles & Responsibility

Responsibility is a core value throughout the school which becomes more explicit for the pupils as they mature. Year 5 and 6 pupils participate fully in leading the school through roles such as Head Boy and Head Girl, House Captain, and as members of the School Council and Eco Team.

Ten-year-old Amiira summed up our approach when she told visitors:

In my old school we only learned quietly and it was things like grammar. When I came here my first class was English and I had nothing to say. But the teachers are very nice and they teach you to think. I’ve developed my imagination and now have plenty to say!