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Years 3 & 4

Pupils are stimulated academically and socially and their progress carefully monitored, with rewards for achievement

Preparatory School

In Years 3 and 4 we broaden the curriculum to make it more challenging and enriching. We continue to build self-esteem and confidence in pupils through a supportive and secure environment that houses excellent relationships between pupils and staff.

We review each pupil’s progress every term to make sure they are keeping up and being sufficiently challenged. These two years are vital in consolidating the lessons of KS1 and in preparing pupils for the more defined and rigorous demands of the Independent Schools Examinations Board (ISEB) curriculum and 11+ preparations.

English, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Religious Studies and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) are taught by class teachers in a stimulating classroom environment. Specialist teachers instruct the children in French, ICT, Art and Design, and pupils enjoy an extensive performing arts programme that includes instruction in dance, music and drama. Each pupil participates in a varied and well-structured sporting programme. Increasingly, opportunities are provided for pupils to learn cooperatively, to develop respect for others and to become independent learners.


Extra Curricular Activities

Learning continues outside the classroom with a programme of trips, visiting speakers, and theme days. Parents are kept fully informed and frequently receive invitations to parent/teacher meetings, class assemblies, and special events like Christmas and school plays, in which all children participateThese events provide a platform for pupils to demonstrate the breadth and depth of their learning and abilities. In Years 3 and 4 pupils have the opportunity to contribute more widely to the school community through the School Council and Eco Team, enabling them to develop a sense of responsibility and leadership. They also have the opportunity to represent the school in sports fixtures and other events.