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Years 1 & 2

Literacy and numeracy skills develop further in Years 1 and 2 with a wide range of clubs complementing classroom learning

Our Lower School provides a secure, nurturing environment in which each child can fulfil their academic potential and become an independent learner. All pupils work hard but have fun, too.

Progressing from the skills acquired in Early Years, literacy and numeracy are further developed as key components. We place a strong emphasis on all aspects of English and want pupils to derive enjoyment from stories, plays and books as they increase their knowledge and understanding. Reading is a priority from the outset and pupils develop their skills and abilities through our synthetic phonics literacy programme. Our students are encouraged to write for a purpose, with emphasis being placed on both content and presentation. There are opportunities, such as assemblies, for our pupils to speak in front of an audience and build self-esteem.

We relate Maths and Science to everyday situations as much as possible by using games, rhymes, stories, craft work and early engineering to capture the students’ interest and introduce more formal lessons on the principles involved. You may find children dropping different sized parachutes down our great stairwells and timing their descent, or team building cardboard racing cars, powered by air from balloons.