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Montessori Reception

Montessori trained teachers encouraging learning in calm, beautiful classrooms

Pupils in our Montessori Reception continue to use their initiative. Great emphasis is placed on the development of the traditional skills  of reading, writing, counting, shapes and patterns. We begin a tried and tested programme of teaching literacy using synthetic phonics, called Read Write Inc. Children learn the letters, or groups of letters, that represent different sounds and blend them to make words. The first sounds to be taught are s,a,t,p. Soon, children will be reading sat, tap or pat.

From Reception to Year 2, fun phonics sessions provide a formal start to the day after assembly or class time. We find the children pick up reading very quickly and become independent readers, able to decipher words they have not seen written down before, which is a great boost to their confidence. Alongside the phonics practice they learn to write letters and listen to stories to build their vocabulary.

The Montessori equipped classrooms provide a great learning environment for our children to become independent and to take pride in what they do by themselves. Our pupils learn practical life skills such as cutting fruit safely, and preparing the snack table for other children.

The School Inspection Service praised the careful way staff planned activities to match the child, such as meeting the expectations of the more able, and said purposeful questioning of children encouraged them to make decisions for themselves.

SIS Inspector

All staff who teach the children in the Nursery and Reception classes develop very positive relationships with the children and so they enjoy school very much.

SIS Report

A particular strength of the provision is the calm and supportive learning environment established in all classes by the highly competent and Montessori-trained staff.