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Montessori Nursery

'St. Nicholas children get off to a flying start in the early years and achieve above the national

expectations for this age group. The quality of the early years’ provision is outstanding.' SIS 2017

Montessori Nursery Kensington, London

Children blossom in our lively nursery, guided by a wonderful team of Montessori trained staff. We have a staff-child ratio of a minimum of one to eight, which ensures each child receives individual attention. Children work independently, in pairs, and in small groups, in a nurturing learning environment that is far from regular day-care.

The Montessori approach focuses on the development of the whole child – the physical, social, emotional, and cognitive – and views the child as one who is naturally eager to learn, capable of initiating learning in a thoughtfully prepared environment. Louisa Conway, Head of Early Years, explains:  ‘Our classrooms are equipped with specially designed Montessori resources that inspire independence and an enjoyment of learning. The children often choose their activity from the shelves around the room and carry it to a table. When they have finished they are expected to return the materials to the shelf so others can find them. In that way they learn to be tidy, and thoughtful about others.’

Reading, writing and numeracy are introduced in nursery, with students being encouraged to listen to and identify the different sounds around them, in preparation for learning to read and spell. Specialist PE, Music, and French sessions are provided, and children enjoy a variety of practical activities, like planting seeds in the garden, baking, and art. As well as the daily Montessori Work Cycle, they have a weekly Topic, special classroom guests, trips, and they participate in school performances. Throughout their time in nursery, children are individually planned for, and gently prepared for their move into Reception.


Nursery class timetable

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Starting nursery

Our nursery comprises two academic year groups, N1 and N2. Children start nursery once they turn two years, nine months*

N1-  the younger group of children who begin nursery during the academic year, once they have turned two years, nine months

N2- the older group of children who turn four during the academic year. They will spend a maximum of three terms in nursery before moving into Reception

The minimum requirement for nursery is 5 mornings,  however should parents wish to enquire about more sessions this can be done during the admissions process or through-out the year.