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Learning Support

St. Nicholas is an inclusive school that works to provide all children with the correct type of support according to their need

Our aim at St. Nicholas is to ensure the progress and happiness of every child, so providing support for their individual learning needs is incredibly important.

Very able pupils are given more challenging work to complete in class and at home and are encouraged to think tangentially, especially in response to problem solving challenges. To support their thinking and to encourage them to explore the world with different perspectives, we run by invitation a Think Club after school. Recent activities have included exploring the French Revolution and the history of medicine, with visits to the Victoria and Albert museum and Les Miserables. Able pupils receive discreet provision in every class as well as through specific trips.

Some children experience specific learning challenges such as Special Educational Need (SEN), and English as an Additional Language (EAL), or they may suffer ill health. Our most recent report from the School Inspection Service confirmed that we have a “well qualified learning support manager who is supported by a suitably trained team of teaching assistants.”

Miss Rachel Greene

We work very hard to provide all children with the correct type of support according to their need. Most often this is in class, with the aim of supporting lessons and minimising the impact on lessons. All work is planned carefully with the class teachers to help support learning and progress in relation to their class.