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Setting good foundations with a private primary school

For many families, the decision around whether to send their child to a state primary school or a private prep school is a difficult one. Preschool and primary school is an important time in a child’s development and a key phase for establishing the excitement for learning. That is why many parents turn to private primary schools, which often refer to this stage of education as prep or pre-prep, in order to set these solid foundations.

Academic standards are just one of the benefits of private school education, with independent schools often performing the best when it comes to key testing phases. Some of the other most enticing elements include the smaller class sizes, particularly within private prep schools.

Above all, choosing a private school gives parents the control to make a decision they feel best suits their child and their family in comparison with the state school system, where much of the decision making is based on catchment areas or availability. When opting for a private school, parents can base their decision on factors like the facilities available, the size of the classrooms, the record of academic results, or just a general connection or affinity with the teaching staff – based on experience after attending an open day. All of these factors can help a person to feel confident in their decision, and confident that their child is going to have a positive and empowering experience.


The learning community at St. Nicholas Prep School


At St. Nicholas Prep School, we’re proud that our Early Years educational expertise helps children to learn in a positive and inspiring way.

Our Reception teachers encourage pupils to challenge themselves and take risks, knowing that they are safe and supported within the classrooms. At this stage, we focus on boosting independence, and promoting emotional intelligence and caring for others, in preparation for moving on to Years 1 and 2.

In Years 1 and 2, we then build upon these skills, encouraging children to embrace a variety of creative and academic avenues, developing their investigative nature. This becomes more structured, as we do follow the National Curriculum, but we also focus on enriching the lives of pupils through plenty of additional activities and opportunities.

We understand that at this primary school age, children need to be encouraged and supported. If you’re looking for private schools in London, then St. Nicholas Prep School could be the perfect fit for your family.

Find out more about our admissions process, or book onto one of our upcoming open mornings to see our school in person.

Alternatively, contact the Admissions team on 0207 591 2631 or email to book in for a private tour.

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