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Does my child have to take a test to be accepted into a prep school?

St Nicholas Prep School

A Preparatory school is for primary aged children and most are usually focused towards the educational preparation for children that wish to sit the 11+ exam. Sometimes known as the Common Entrance assessment, the ‘preparation’ that the best prep schools provide is the stepping stone for a child’s future and their application to grammar school or selective senior or secondary school.


Each school will have its own requirements for entry. Some prep schools will want to assess any potential students – they might request interviews, small exams or observation in a classroom. If you are interested in a preparatory school education for your child, you will need to check what the requirements are for each prospective school.


At St. Nicholas prep school, we are a non selective school, this means we won’t deny a student a place at the school purely based on their academic results. We have kept our application simple to make the process as stress free and enjoyable as possible. There are just 4 simple steps to enrol your child in one of the best prep schools in London.


  1. Come and see the school

We invite all prospective parents to visit us during one of our open events which run regularly throughout the year. You can take a look at upcoming dates here. If you unable to attend any of these dates, that is not a problem, we also offer private tours.


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2) Complete and return a registration form

If you enjoyed the visit and would like to apply for a place for your child, we then ask parents to complete our online registration form together with payment of a non-refundable registration fee of £100. The Admissions team will then contact you to confirm safe receipt of your child’s registration.


3) Invitation to attend a taster session or assessment

You will receive an email inviting your child to visit St Nicholas. We are a non-selective school but we do want to meet potential pupils to assess and determine their current academic level and how we can help them to fulfil their potential.


Children wishing to enter in either Year 1 or Year 2 will spend a day in school.  They will participate in classroom activities and will also complete assessments in both English and mathematics with our Head of Pre-Prep.


Children wishing to enter Years 3 to 6 will also spend the whole day with us and take part in normal class activities. They will complete assessments in both English and mathematics with a member of the admissions team.


Lunch and snacks will of course be provided for all children joining us for the day.


4) Offer of place

Further to a successful taster session or assessment, places are offered within 2-3 days.  


The purpose of any assessments and taster sessions are to ensure that we are able to provide an environment in which your child will truly thrive and meet their full potential.


The benefits of attending a preparatory school such as St. Nicholas’s is that we can provide an environment in which a passion and love for learning grows everyday, our recent SIS inspection result notes:


“The quality of pupils’ personal development is outstanding” SIS, 2017.


With specialist subject teachers, small classes and fantastic facilities, our pupils graduate the school happy, confident, sociable and outward looking and excited to learn without the fear of failure. Book your place now.

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