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Author visit: Luke Temple

To kick off our Book Week celebrations we welcomed Luke Temple to talk to both KS1 and KS2 about his latest books and what it is like being an author. Scenes from Blubber Monster were played out with the help of KS1 pupils, which caused much hilarity amongst the audience, especially seeing Conrad and Aldric acting as the book’s heroes, Albert and Ernie, rowing in their ‘boat’ and trying to catch fish! KS2 were encouraged to perform scenes from Felix Dashwood and the Traitor’s Treasure and Luke answered lots of questions from the excited children. We also saw a fascinating time-lapse video of Luke’s illustrator designing one of his book covers. Then he told us a secret; he found reading and writing difficult when he was young, but with the encouragement of some great teachers he ended up being an author! Inspiration for us all!

Rory Bruce, Librarian


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